Gravel Grovel

A group of us are planning to ride the Gravel Grovel.  This is a 100 kilometer bicycle race over mostly gravel surfaces.  This takes place in late November near Story Indiana.

My goal is to finish the race.  Finishing last is okay.

I don’t have the budget for a dedicated gravel bike, so I’ll be stripping racks, lights, and fenders off of the LHT and putting some fatter tires on it.  The LHT is a wonderfully versatile bike.

Depending on the weather, clothing may be a bigger challenge.

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Gravel Grovel”

  1. This is SO excellent. I can’t wait to read all about it. Best of luck, my friend!

    How wide are your tires? Are you thinking of making any changes in that department?

  2. I know you will ultimately have a blast doing this race. Finishing last is still finishing, you just see the scenery a bit longer! 😉

  3. According to Surly a 26″ LHT will fit 2.1″ tires, with or without fenders, so about a 52-54mm tire.

    I’ll throw some suggestions out there:
    Bontrager XR1 (Team Issue) $$$
    Schwalbe Racing Ralph $$$$
    Kenda Happy Medium $$
    Kenda Small Block Eight $$

    If you just don’t care and don’t wanna part with any money, I’ve got a set of 1.95s that are el-cheapos, but will work, and I’ll give them to you for nothin’.

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