Record High? No

I hadn’t bothered to follow the weather forecast this week.  I rode to work this morning in my work clothes, and it was quite comfortable.

I didn’t know that it would hit 100 degrees this afternoon.

The ride home was quite warm.  Luckily a short commute and a cool shower helped.

I assumed that 100 on September 1st would be a record.  I assumed wrong.  The record for this date is 103 in 1953.

Last week I took the metal VO fenders off of my single-speed.  They were a tad too wide and interfered with the brakes.  They also rattled and I found it annoying.

I’ve been commuting to work almost exclusively on that bike recently and I’ve been lucky that it hasn’t rained.  I’ve mentioned before that I don’t own a bike without fenders.  Well, that hasn’t been true for the last week or so.

I ordered some SKS Longboard fenders (in sliver) from Rivendell, and they arrived today.  I didn’t get around to putting them on, but I will tomorrow.

I also need to replace the bar tape on that bike, and I even bought some bar tape recently.  I haven’t had time to do so, and I’ve recently realized that I’m out of electrical tape for finishing up the ends.

I’ll be sure to post some pictures once I’ve made the changes.