Monthly Personal Best

I rode my bikes 671 miles for the month of August.  I can live with that.  🙂

I had another doctor appointment after work today, so that got me about 33 miles.  I needed a few more to put me over my old record of 665.6.  I wandered around parts of town that I’m not familiar with.  I eventually ended up in the Mockingbird Valley area, then on River Rd.  Then I went out for a beer.  That made it all worth it.

This new personal best tells me that my neck is “good enough”.  I can ride whatever bike I want for as long as I want without any more discomfort than I get sitting in a chair.

I also had a 130-mile weekend with camping.  I’ll write about it soon.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Personal Best”

  1. Well done!

    The summer has struck a severe blow to what I love to do, but I’m fighting back. You are an encouragement to me, and I’m looking forward to the camping story.

  2. Way to go! That’s some serious mileage. It also seems like a good mix of utility and fun. I’m still looking forward to the camping writeup and photos.

  3. Yes. A writeup on the camping is in order. Did you pack all your gear? tent? bag? food? etc?

    Excellent. Congratulations on the mileage.

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