My Daughter’s Bike Was Stolen

My daughter’s bike was stolen from her back yard on Lynn St just off Preston.

It’s a Giant Cypress ST. Donkeybox attached to rear rack. equipped with fenders, B&M headlight and Shimano dynohub. Schwalbe tires on Velocity Dyad rims.

I don’t have any good recent pictures of it, but here’s a rear-view. It has a different tail-light now.

2 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Bike Was Stolen”

  1. David, I hope your daughter gets her bike back, I have never had one stolen though I have had other things stolen and it’s infuriating. If she doesn’t get It back take a positive from it………….. new bike !

  2. Thanks Mark.

    I doubt we’ll see it again at this point. A police report was filed – serial number was given. I posted on a number of local sites and mailing lists.

    In any case, she needs transportation, so I loaned her my folding bike.

    A new bike will be forthcoming, but I don’t have the money currently. I’ll want to replicate some of what she had which will cost some money.

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