3000 Miles

According to MyCyclingLog, I hit 3001 miles for the year on my ride today with Tim.  My spreadsheet actually shows 3031.7, but I still crossed the 3000 mark today.

I’m a bit behind schedule compared to last year.  At the end of July lat year, I was at 3202 miles and ended up with 5087 miles for the year.

Now that my neck isn’t preventing me from riding and I’m living the car-free lifestyle (even though I haven’t yet sold the truck) I expect to surpass 5000 miles for the year again.

So what should my goal for 2012 be? 6000?  7500?

4 thoughts on “3000 Miles”

  1. 3000 + miles is good, I am 36 miles off beating last years total for me up to now but its still less than 3000 2010 = 2163 miles, so far 2011 = 2127 miles, Im just going to keep going and see how far I get

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