30 Miles of Utility Riding

I rode 30 miles on the single-speed today.  I bought a new smaller set of panniers that are just big enough to put the laptop in one, and clothing in the other.  This makes the single-speed a less awkward rig.  It was silly with the huge touring panniers on it.

I rode to work in the rain.  It actually felt nice.  I had an appointment to ride to and had to leave work early.  It was out by Shelbyville & Hurstbourne, not exactly a bike-friendly area.

I managed to stay off of Shelbyville Rd by traveling out Brownsboro, Westport, Lyndon, and an exploratory jaunt on Whipps Mill because I had time to spare.

I rode a similar route back into St Matthews, through the parks, then Eastern Parkway to get home.

Riding a bike around Louisville has taught me much about getting around this city.  I still have more to learn.

I still have neck pain.  Riding a bike doesn’t seem to be an issue at all anymore.  Sitting in a chair sometimes is though.  Sitting in a reclining chair helps, but then I get to look lazy at work.

I did go out for pizza with Kristy after I got home (she made me shower first).  We drove, as that’s the only way for us to travel together.  She is moving out soon, but we still enjoy spending some time together.

I don’t have any pictures from today’s ride.  I’m not posting the GPS track.  I’m mostly just rambling and enjoying riding my bike.

3 thoughts on “30 Miles of Utility Riding”

  1. One thing I like about biking a lot is getting to know more of the little, obscure side roads. Every time I go somewhere, I have different route options in mind.

    Hope your neck pain is manageable … sounds like it is, most of the time. At least you are able to ride now.

  2. Pondero,
    Thanks. The pain is at a level I can tolerate now. It’s not affecting my ability to do anything. It’s just annoying. I’ll just keep working with my chiropractor to prevent the pain from getting worse.

    Yep, I’ve learned more living in the city for just under a year than I did living nearby for ten years.

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