Over the Hump?

I just had a spam comment for electric toothbrushes.  Do I have bad breath?  Probably, I just came home from a few beers.

Although I can’t complain about the weather compared to what Pondero has gotten in Texas recently, we’ve still had a heatwave.  It seems to have ended this week.  We won’t be seeing 90 again for a while.  It’s been in the high 70s on the ride into work.  I love it!

Kristy signed a lease, and will be moving out soon.  This is both a relief, and scary at the same time.  I thought I spent enough time living alone after my first divorce, but I guess not.  Living alone will be hard, but necessary.

I’ve been riding the recumbent a lot.  It’s my main commuting machine due to my neck issues.  I still ride my other bikes though.  I pulled the single-speed out of the basement today.  It’s got issues with the freewheel, so I flipped it over to fixed gear.  The short ride I took felt very different.  I may commute on it that way a few times.

I’m in a strange spot.  I was ready to look for a new job a few months ago.  Now, I tolerate the job, and need to cope with everything else.  I’ve been more productive at work, and less productive at home.  <sigh>  I wish it were easier.

I do feel like I’m getting closer to being in control.  I also know that something else could come out of the blue….  I guess I cope my riding.  It’s my escape.

4 thoughts on “Over the Hump?”

  1. I think riding become an escape for a lot of us. I’m glad you’re still able to ride the ‘bent. I, for one, would go nuts if I couldn’t ride at all, and I think I’d settle for a ‘Big Wheel’ if I had to.

    It does sound like things are heading in the right direction, anyway.

  2. I don’t think we’re done with the heat yet. Just a little break. It’s only early August. Now that you’ve stated it’s over, it’ll DEFINITELY come back. Talk about jinxing …

    I’m sure all these changes will mean a difficult transition … I hope you are able to cope well. The bike definitely helps.

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