Busy Sunday

Sunday is day 3 of my 4-day vacation.  I slept in a bit.  I eventually headed out for a ride with Tim.

After riding the recumbent for 70 miles the day before, I decided to ride the LHT.  I’m glad I did, as Tim took us through the somewhat hilly Indian Hills area.  Then we were on a flat stretch of River Rd doing 15mph into a headwind.  Tim was riding strong, but I was beat.  I eventually fell behind, but Tim waited for me.

At that point I was cooked.  When back on Baxter Ave, we parted ways.  Tim to do another loop in the parks.  Me to stop at O’Shea’s for food and drink.

O’Shea’s has a nice shady outdoor dining area.  I was able to bring my bike up near the table.  I hadn’t brought a lock with me, so that worked well.

Saddle eye view - saddles don't have eyes!
Saddle eye view – saddles don’t have eyes!

I ordered a beer (Southern Tier 2xipa), water, and a chicken wrap.  After finishing the first beer, I ordered an Avery IPA.  Both of these beers were new to me, and quite good.  I like a hoppy beer on a hot day.

Mmm... Beer!
Mmm… Beer!
After a while, I took the neighborhood streets home.

Part of the point of my vacation is to get some stuff done around the house.  I mowed the lawn, washed dishes, and started re-organizing my computer/office/bike storage room.

I’ve thought about creating a “beer” category for my blog posts, but then it’ll just point out how often I drink it.

I ended up with over 20 miles for the day, and rather enjoyed it.

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2 thoughts on “Busy Sunday”

  1. Dave, have you ever been to the UK I think you would appreciate our beer, there are just so many to chose from Bishops Finger, Bombadier and Black Sheep are a few of my favourites if you ever get chance to try them.

  2. Nope, I’ve never been to the UK. I’d have to either take a boat, or get past my irritation with airports and airport security to get there.

    That said, if I ever get there, I’ll do my best to sample every beer. 🙂

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