Returning to Normal(ish)

Yes, my neck is still an issue, but it’s manageable now.  I’m no longer driving for short errands.  I can get around by bike again, even if I am limited to the recumbent, but I think that’ll be changing soon also.

I rode to work Monday (yesterday).  After work I rode to get a haircut.  The weather was brutally hot and humid.  The woman cutting my hair offered to rinse my hair.  The cool water not only rinsed the sweat out, but was very refreshing.

After the haircut, I rode down to Cumberland Brews for a beer and sandwich.  Then I went home.  It was about 10 miles for the day.

Today, work was closed due to a water main break.  I didn’t ride anywhere, but I had no need to leave the house for most of the day.  I decided I wanted dinner and beer, so I walked to Zeppelin Cafe, just a few blocks away.

A thunderstorm rolled in while I was eating.  Before leaving I took off my sandals and walked barefoot.  It was quite pleasant other than the short stretch down the gravel-strewn alley.

I’ll be riding my bike to work again tomorrow, and the day after that….  Yep, things are getting back to normal, or at least as close to normal as my life can be.

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