Dirty, Dirty Bike

In preparation for tomorrow’s ride, I decided to clean and tune my recumbent.  I’ve also had some issues with the seat sliding back recently, so I looked into that.  One of the top two bolts had come completely unscrewed, yet didn’t fall out.  I got lucky that I didn’t lose it.  After disassembling the seat clamp, I greased the threads and put everything back together.  I hope it doesn’t slip again.

I used some de-greaser on the frame and rims.  The bike was filthy.  I did a half-assed job of cleaning and lubing the drivetrain.  It’s better than it was.

I haven’t been happy with the way the new brakes were adjusted.  The Avid BB7 disc brakes have an inboard and outboard adjustment that are easy to use, but I still couldn’t seem to get them adjusted well.  I finally found some instructions online, loosened the caliper, and reset the front brake completely.  It seems better now.  The rear wasn’t bad, so I left it alone.

I’ve had a full-touring-load of bags on the bike for a while.  I don’t want to haul them around on the ride tomorrow, so I put just the trunk bag on.  I’m also leaving off most of the lights, as this is a daytime ride.

I still don’t have a good way of mounting the GPS to this bike.  My handlebar mount works, but I occasionally hit my knee on the GPS, so I’m just throwing it in the trunk bag for now.  I’ll eventually get some kind of an accessory bar to put the GPS farther forward and upward, clear of my knees.