Cervical Epidural – Yay!

Having a large needle stuck into my neck didn’t hurt.  I was numbed with a small needle first.

Hearing the needle slide past the bone was very disturbing.  Feeling the injection fill my spine area was bizarre.  Having what felt like an electric shock applied directly to my spine causing both my right arm and leg to spasm and me to yell scared the crap out of me.  I still don’t know what caused that last issue, but no damage was done.

It’s now been two days since the epidural.  I was sore for hours, but that wore off soon enough.  I would say I’m getting a little relief now.  Most of it has occurred in the last few hours.

Before just a few hours ago, I wasn’t sure I would go through with a second procedure.  Now I know that I will.  It has made an improvement.  I still get some numbness when sitting up straight or standing, but not nearly the amount of pain.

I intend to ride the 100K (62 mile) Populaire tomorrow.  Although I’ll probably take an upright bike around the neighborhood tonight, I’m still limiting myself to the recumbent for the longer rides – for now.

3 thoughts on “Cervical Epidural – Yay!”

  1. I totally get “very disturbing”. Happy to hear about the populaire plans. You’re one tough cookie. I hope you enjoy the ride, its about time you had some fun.

  2. Wow … that does sound like a seriously weird experience. I’m glad it helped some, though, and especially glad you made i to the populaire yesterday!

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