Still Breathing, Still Riding

My life has taken some turns recently.  I have been back on the ‘bent though.  My neck is better, but still not good.  My focus has really been on my health, but not my weight.  I haven’t weighed myself in quite a while.

I’m leaving work early tomorrow to get my first epidural.  My wife is meeting me there, as I’m not supposed to drive home.  I was going to drive to work, then out to my appointment, but I’ve decided to ride my bike.  The ride to work is easy, but the ten mile ride from work to the doctor’s office is on some busy roads.  (Shelbyville Rd out to the Oxmoor for you locals).  I’m going to do it out of principle.  My wife will still meet me there for the trip home.

There’s a sub-group of the LBC that approached us at RCCS about a populaire, kind of like a Brevet but shorter, and possibly less organized.  🙂  There’s one coming up this Saturday and I’m making tentative (health depending) on attending.  It’s 100K (62 miles).  I’m not too worried about the distance.  I’m more worried about what kind of pace I can manage.

3 thoughts on “Still Breathing, Still Riding”

  1. You must be doing better, if you’re even considering 100k. I hope your treatments help. Be careful on those crazy busy roads!

  2. It is good to have goals, and improved health and the upcoming populaire seem like great ones. Here’s hoping the treatments help and you are able to participate in the ride.

  3. The upcoming populaire seems like a good choice — lots of friendly bike people to ride with for moral support, and not too far from home to call for backup if you need it. I’m glad you’re not sweating the weight right now. That way you can focus on healing. Keep us posted!

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