A Little Less Bummer-ish

The 'bent with new brakes
The 'bent with new brakes

I still hurt, but things have improved.  I’m back to riding my bike, even if I have to limit myself to the recumbent.  I had been taking a medication that did little good, but made me zombie-like.  I have discontinued the medication.

Yesterday was one of my most “normal” days since this all started.  “Normal” is a very relative thing.

I took the ‘bent to Bluegrass Bicycle to upgrade the disc brakes to the much better Avid BB7 set.  First impressions are good but not mind-blowing.  Maybe my mind is gone, therefore cannot be blown.

This neck issue has really been a problem for over a month now.  It has seriously affected my bike riding.  Here’s hoping I’m coming out of that, even if it requires another bike.

Longer-term relief is (hopefully) in the works, then maybe I’ll be able to ride my other bikes.

6 thoughts on “A Little Less Bummer-ish”

  1. Well, it’s good to hear of some progress…and that longer-term relief is in the works. I’m glad you are pushing through the challenge. Bring us recumbent stories for a while…

  2. The ‘bent looks great. What brakes were on it before? It actually looks like it’d be a lot of fun to ride.

    I’m glad that you are making some progress, even if it is slowly. I do hope there is a good long-term solution and that you can find it soon.

    We’re doing a ride on Sunday — we will miss you!

  3. @Pondero: Thanks! Most of my riding has been very short around town rides. Not much to tell yet. I’m hoping that changes soon.

    @Apertome: Thanks too! The old brakes were Tektro IO. They were serviceable, but a pain to adjust. The BB7s feel better, stop better, and are supposed to adjust easily. I’ll get some riding this weekend, maybe even something worthy of bringing the camera for, but I’m riding solo because I’ll probably average 9 mph.

  4. I had Tektro Aquila(?) disc brakes on my old mountain bike. I found the same thing, they were a nightmare to adjust. I have BB5s on the 29er and they are definitely an improvement in that department. Not sure if the stopping power is really much better, but I’m definitely happier with the Avids.

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