I just had my follow-up visit with the orthopedic doctor.  This is the second time I’ve seen him, and although he’s friendly, he’s not good at answering questions.

Basically, I have an issue with a disc in my cervical spine.  I also have a bone spur.  It’s putting pressure on a nerve that runs through my shoulder and arm.  I don’t know much more than that.

My next appointment is with a neurosurgeon.  Yes, that means that surgery is probably coming soon.  What does all of this mean?


I rode my single-speed to work yesterday.  It was painful enough that my wife picked me up from work.  I drove to work today.

I’ll be picking up the ‘bent with new brakes on Saturday, but even riding that is going to be limited.  I’ll ride short rides here and there, but I’m pretty much done with the bike for the year.  🙁


This is a wake-up call.  I’ve been gaining weight for a while, but this new bout of being sedentary could be bad.  I’m getting strict with my eating, now.

What’s Next?

A temporary measure to ease the pain until my appointment with the neurosurgeon involves a needle stuck into my neck.  That hasn’t been scheduled yet, but it could give some temporary relief.  After meeting with the neurosurgeon in about a month, I’ll know what I’m up against.


I need some goals, just so I can envision and end to this mess.  I’m still going to have to think about it more, but I do need another lifestyle change.  I need to get back to healthier eating.  I need to lose more weight.

Once the pain is better, I need some new mileage goals.  I need to start some strength training.

I’m trying to stay positive.  Nothing feels positive, but I’m working to change that.

6 thoughts on “Bummer”

  1. Ouch. Being done riding for the year would do major things to my head, and I’d need to make adjustments to preserve sanity. I think those things would be similar to what you’ve outlined here. In fact, I’m thinking (but having a hard time with implementation) about diet and strength training myself. I’ve been considering publishing some kind of bodacious goal on my blog and committing myself publicly to achieving it. Either that, or finding a buddy to share the experience. Hmmm…

    By the way, you might say that “nothing feels positive”, and I get that. However, I believe what you are doing IS positive whether if feels like right now, or not. Do it.

  2. I think it’s positive that you’re starting to get some answers to what’s been ailing you. Yes, surgery would/will suck but it will also get to to a future good spot. As to the lack of cycling, I suggest walking as a good replacement. I felt great doing my walking back in the Fall. Don’t know how the arm/should thing works in with that, but it’s a good low-impact way to feel good and stay active. Keep plugging away. Keep active.

  3. Before surgery try traction therapy. There are several devices sold at Amazon. It might be time for you to have a recumbent bicycle instead of a conventional upright model. I really like recumbents. There are so many models from which to choose. The best place I know to learn about them is http://www.Bentrideronline.com.

  4. Man, I’m really sorry to hear about this. It seems things are worse than I realized. I hope you are able to get more answers, and figure out a path to getting better, and getting back on the bike. Hang in there … Dave G has had back surgery before I believe so he might have some insight into what you’re going through.

  5. Also before I went into foot surgery last year Dave G told me something like “I’ve had surgery 10 times and never regretted it once. It’s helped every time.” It still sucks, but that was my experience with my foot too, and thinking about it that way made me feel a bit better about it going in. Maybe that will help you as well.

  6. I think Tim’s suggestion about walking is a great one — during the times that I’ve been ‘Off the Bike’ for medical reasons, walking has helped keep me sane. Old Lou has some great walking, too.

    I hope that if surgery is necessary it won’t prove too invasive or require too long a lay-up period — and that it will help keep you rolling.

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