Shoulder Update

I rode the recumbent to work one day last week.  It was excruciating.  I rode the LHT around town a bit over the weekend.  That was even worse than riding the ‘bent.  This has been demoralizing.

I’ve had several appointments with my chiropractor now.  I visited my family doctor this morning.  I’ve been referred to an orthopedic doctor for an appointment tomorrow.  I also get to visit the massage therapist tomorrow.

I’ve been busy fighting this shoulder crap.  I’m mostly off the bike.  I certainly won’t be doing any long rides right now.  (Sorry Tim, no gravel for me right now)

This shoulder issue has me thinking about my weight and general health again.  I’ve been gaining weight slowly for 18 months or so.  I quit weighing myself.  I don’t want to throw away my progress.  I guess I need (another) lifestyle change.

6 thoughts on “Shoulder Update”

  1. Keep fighting the shoulder crap…and win!

    I hope you are back on the bike soon, and in the meantime you find a way to stay active, and on course. Find and set new goals. Keep us updated.

  2. I think you yourself have identified some of the issues without doctor input: weight, quitting massage, carrying heavy bags of books, there was a another @ Cumberland you mentioned. Keep up the fight.

  3. I’m sorry to hear things haven’t really improved. Hope you see some improvement soon. Not knowing what’s going on, I’m just guessing here, but maybe this is the kind of thing where you should take your time getting back to riding, so you won’t aggravate things further?

  4. Thanks all!

    I’m still fighting. I’m (mostly) not riding. I took a short spin on the folding bike yesterday with the handlebars up high. I still ended up riding one-handed most of the time.

    The latest doctor visit means I’ll be getting an MRI of my neck soon.

    Once I gave up on riding my bike to work and resigned myself to fighting this, it’s easier to cope. I have a plan. I don’t know how long recovery will be, or even what it will consist of, but not dealing with it is not an option.

    I’ve now had two doctors tell me that I’m too young to be limited by this. I agree.

  5. Keep your head up, David. You’ll come back from this with a new motivation, I’m sure!

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