Bike to Work Day

Okay, everyday is bike to work day for me, but today was the city-sponsored event.  I managed to get my daughter out of bed early so we could get to Seneca park by 7:00.  There were two TV stations there and several dozen people, including Mayor Greg Fischer.

I didn’t bring a camera and I avoided the media crews.  I introduced my daughter to many of the people I know.  It made me realize just how many people I have gotten to know over the last few years because of bicycling.

The group eventually headed toward downtown with the mayor near the front of the pack.  I hung back with my daughter.  We went to Fourth Street Live and regrouped there.  There were quite a few people there, as there were several other meeting spots that all rode to the same downtown location.

I went to work while my daughter ran errands downtown.

We met back up for lunch, and were joined by David Morse.  After lunch there were some give-aways.  My daughter won a Donkey Boxx from On Your Left Cycles.  I installed the Donkey Boxx on her bike before she left.

I’m preparing to ride to Danville Kentucky in the morning.  I’ll be meeting my wife there.  She’s driving there for a family get-together.  I’m keeping this post short.  I need to get the bike ready and get bed.

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  1. that’s cool! Vik just recently gave the donkeyboxx a good review. I didn’t go to work yesterday, so no bike to work, but I did bike twice.

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