Beautiful Monday

I did head out last night for a wander after dark.  I explored a few streets that I hadn’t been on before.  I cruised through a couple of alleys.  I eventually found my way to Cumberland Brews for some Red Ale.  If I had known about the Red Hot Mocha Porter, I might have tried that.  That’s alright, I’ll save it for next time.

I sent a text to Tim, and he rode his Ute up to join me.

We talked bikes.  We watched the people walking up and down Bardstown Rd.  We couldn’t stay long, we both had to work in the morning.  I had a few more beers than he did.

Waking today was rough.  The fact that I showered, rode to work, and made it on time despite the hangover is a testament to it being a great day.

The beautiful Spring weather is here, possibly temporarily.  It was sunny and in the mid-60s when I left this morning.  I was wearing my work clothes and didn’t immediately notice that I forgot my helmet.  I didn’t bother turning around for it when I did realize it.

Human power?
Human power?
I went for a walk at lunchtime.  The 21C Hotel always has some interesting art out front.  Now, it appears to be some bizarre human-powered transportation with Cuban license plates.

The commute home was pleasant.  It was clear and warm.  People were friendly.  When I was nearly home I saw my daughter riding her bike the other way.  We stopped and talked.  She was riding to the library to check out some books.  She invited me to come along, but I had things to do at home.

There is rain in the forecast, so I wanted to get the lawn mowed.  I needed more gasoline for the lawnmower.  I grabbed the gas can and walked a couple of blocks to the gas station.  At $3.89 per gallon it cost me about $10.50 to fill up the can.

There was a rumor at the gas station that the price would be $4.01 by tomorrow morning.


I’m glad I rarely buy gas.

My daughter called me from the library.  She was approached by David Morse, from CART (and he helps Bicycling For Louisville).  He’s photographing bicyclists in town.  He grabbed a couple of photos for his project.  He did share them with me later.

Dawn - still new at this cycling thing
Dawn - still new at this cycling thing

Later when Dawn got back from the library, the two of us took the dogs for a walk down to Sunergos.  It was really too late (and a bit warm) for me to want coffee, but I did have an iced drink.

My dogs are overweight and out of shape.  The last stretch on the way home really did them in.  They’ll sleep well tonight.

Overall it was a good day.  It was better than many and great for a Monday.

Tomorrow will be a different adventure.  There is a 50% chance of thunderstorms.  I actually enjoy riding in a storm as long there’s no hail and the temperature is warm enough.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Monday”

  1. David your lucky with your fuel prices ours in the uk are £6.35 a gallon at the moment thats about $10.40 !!!!!!!
    Luckily we are having a great spring and can gets lots of cycling done.

  2. Mark,

    Yep, most of the world has more expensive gasoline than the US. The problem is that over decades this country has become too dependent on cars. I was guilty of that also.

    I don’t think $4.00/gallon gas will change that much, but if it climbs even higher – say $8.00 or more per gallon, then there will be a gradual shift in lifestyles.

    The real question is whether this can happen without completely destroying the economy.

  3. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the title of the sculpture in questinon is ‘Cuban Car,’ if I’m not mistaken (that or else that’s the title of a photo of the car inside 21c’s gallery). I saw it on Sunday and my thoughts about it were similar to yours 😀

    It’s awesome that the CART guy photographed your daughter. New cyclists deserve recognition. It can be tough getting started, and takes ‘gumption.’

    It’s been amazing to see how many bikes are out on the road now … I’m wondering what will happen to the economy, too, but also hoping to see more people out riding as result of higher gas prices.

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