Weekend Rides

Wandering possum in someone's front yard
Wandering possum in someone's front yard
Saturday was the Kentucky Derby.  I’ve been to a few horse races at Churchill Downs, but I really don’t want to get into the craziness or expense of the Derby.  I won’t even go near there during Oaks Day (Friday).

A local bike shop had the idea to ride to Churchill Down early on Saturday.  Tim let me know, and I joined him.  Apparently one of the bike shop owners had too much to drink on Oaks day and wasn’t prepared to get up for a 6:00am ride.  So the ride was just Tim and I.

The bars were open until 6:00am, so riding down Bardstown Rd at 5:30 was interesting.  I nearly hit a pedestrian who probably had tunnel vision.  The people-watching was fun.

Tim and I headed out to Churchill Downs.  There was quite the crowd trying to get in the gate.  Traffic wasn’t too bad yet, but we knew it would get worse, and didn’t want to hang around.

Sunrise over Churchill Downs
Sunrise over Churchill Downs

I managed to stick the front of my camera through the fence and get a shot of a horse.  I don’t follow horse racing, and have no idea which horse it was, but he was not happy.

Unhappy horse
Unhappy horse

We continued on with a thought of climbing the hill at Iroquois Park, but decided against it.  Tim wasn’t feeling well, and I needed coffee.  We eventually ended up at Sunergos for coffee and carbohydrates.

After a little more riding we ended up at Breadworks, which is better know for their baked goods, but have reasonable coffee also.  At this point Tim headed home and I did a little more wandering.

Tim managed to take better pictures.

Today, Sunday, I slept a little later.  I eventually rode to Quill’s Coffee for some excellent coffee and a muffin.  I’ve since found out Quill’s has a few bicycle connections.

Tim met up with me at Quill’s and we headed out for a leisurely ride through Cherokee Park.  He later complained about my route choice.  🙂

The weather was beautiful and the park was full of young women jogging.  It doesn’t get much better.

I did end with a flat on my single-speed.  A small, really small, absolutely tiny, piece of glass found it’s way through the tire and punctured the tube.  I’ve been running the Panaracer Pasela tires on this bike.  They’re not flat-resistant like the Schwalbe Marathon tires on my LHT.  The Paselas do ride nicer though.

My Paselas have seen some miles.  The rubber at the tread had gotten rather thin, therefore easy to puncture.  I have had several flats in the last month, so it’s time to do something about it.

After changing the flat, I rode up to Vic’s, because I figured he might have the TourGuard version of the Pasela in stock.  He did, and I rode out with two new tires.

These new tires are cheaper than the Marathon.  They ride nicer than a Marathon.  They still aren’t as tough as a Marathon, but should be an improvement.  I have the old Paselas in my basement now to use if needed.

After leaving Vic’s I wandered home.

Now it’s evening, and I’m planning another in-town ramble.  I’m going solo, but I just feel the need to stretch the legs and let the stress loose.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Rides”

  1. That’s some excellent riding!

    I have Tourguard paselas on my LHT, and they’ve been great (knock on wood). You’re right, they sure do ride well. And the price is right.

  2. Apertome,
    It’s good to know you like the tires too. I was a little leery, but I didn’t want another bike with heavy Schwalbe tires.

    I didn’t ride many miles over the weekend. It was all urban riding, but it was interesting riding. 🙂

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