Sunday Ride and Bike Issues

Tim invited me out for a Sunday morning ride.  I didn’t ride on Saturday due to yardwork responsibilities.

It was raining on Sunday morning, but we waited until about 10:30 to meet, and the rain had mostly stopped by then.

I don’t know where we went.  I didn’t have my GPS to track the route.  I was riding the single-speed.  We did stop for a sandwich at some place near downtown.  I had to stop multiple times to tighten my left crank arm.  I’ve been having that issue for a few days.

At one point we rode across what appeared to be mud… then we smelled it.  It smelled like sewage.  We turned around.  I was glad to have fenders on the bike.

We ran into Ian (from SoupByCycle) and his wife at a neighborhood event.

I put in just over 20 miles.  When I got home, I hosed the sewage off the bike and carried it inside.  I then noticed a slow leak in the rear tire.

I pulled the left crank and cleaned everything.  I greased the threads on the crank bolt and thoroughly tightened everthing.  I changed the tube in the rear tire.  I replaced the brake pads.  I wiped down the parts of the bike that were still wet.

I rode it to work today and the crank bolt was still tight when I got home.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.