March Mileage

I use two methods to track my mileage, and they don’t always agree.  I use MyCyclingLog and I also track my bike odometer readings in an Excel file by the week and by the month.

The Excel document is more accurate, as I don’t forget a full week or month.  Apparently I do forget to enter rides on MyCyclingLog, because the numbers are different by more than 15 miles.

Using my record keeping, I had 646.5 miles for the month of March which is my 2nd highest mileage month yet.  The first was June of 2010 at 665.6 miles.  The March mileage is higher in large part due to my mini-tour.

I want to exceed 700 miles in April, yet I’m not doing a tour.  I’m taking a longer route to work, and trying to longer rides on the weekend.  This morning, Tim and I put in over 30 miles.  I have to mow the lawn at my old house in Charlestown, so I’m going to ride there.  I may ride back depending on the time I finish up.

I don’t know what tomorrow has in store yet, but I intend to be on the bike.

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