Weekend Recovery

I arrived home from my tour on Wednesday evening.  I got up for work on Thursday and didn’t really feel well.  I rode to work anyway, and several parts of my body did not enjoy the ride.

On Friday I was ill and stayed home.

Saturday my daughter came to visit.  I was supposed to help Bicycling for Louisville move their offices (by bike of course), but I completely forgot.  My daughter may have been angry with me if I had left to do so.  We had limited time together.  I did ride around town a little with my daughter with a stop at the coffee shop.

Today I spent doing housework and taxes.  Blah.  I really had no intention of going out.  Tim sent me a text about going out for coffee.  I rode the two miles to Quill’s coffee and enjoyed some good company.  Then we headed out for a slow spin (on single-speed bikes) around local neighborhoods.  After we split up, I took a wandering route home, and managed about 13 miles for the day.

I rode a little differently on my weekend miles this time.  I wasn’t wearing bike clothes, a helmet, or anything reflective.  It was daytime and I was mostly on side streets.  Although I usually wear my helmet, I don’t like the “society of fear” we have become.  I used to jump my bike as a kid, and nobody wore a helmet then.

The helmet discussion can get long-winded, and people have strong opinions, but I don’t want to start a flame-war.  I usually wear a helmet.  You should wear one if you want to.  Cool?