A Case of The Mondays

Monday was a rest day.  I have a decent hotel room.  I have my laptop and free wifi.

I had planned on checking out the city some.  My wife intended to drive up Sunday night or Monday morning and spend some time with me.

Instead, my wife stayed home and I stayed in the room other than to go out to eat and drink.  I had really wanted to check out some of the bike paths and bike shops, but just didn’t have the motivation to do so.

For lunch, I walked down to a sports bar where the service was okay, the beer was good, and the food was fair.  I met Will, an older man whose wife was just hospitalized with lung issues.  Will doesn’t drive, but uses public transport and walking to get around.  He appeared to be in reasonably good health for his age.  He’s considering getting a bike.

I probably had too much beer, but I was traveling on foot, so I safely walked back to the hotel.

I spent some time reading on my Kindle, browsing the web, and just being lazy.  It felt good.

Debbie and her husband, Dave, showed up later in the afternoon, and we walked to an Italian restaurant a few blocks away.  Dinner was a large amount of lasagna.  I skipped drinking, as I’d had enough earlier in the day.  After getting back to the room, I read a while longer, goofed around on the laptop, then went to bed.

Now, it’s Tuesday morning.  I need to re-pack my bike and get moving soon.  I only have to ride 55 miles today to get to Columbus, and my next hotel room.

One thought on “A Case of The Mondays”

  1. Sounds like a good rest day, in which actual rest — a deeply undervalued and highly-renewable resource — was had!

    I’m enjoying your tour reports so far. It’s neat to be able to vicariously accompany you on your ride!

    I hope the riding today is great!

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