The Arkel Panniers Are Here!

As I mentioned before, my wife ordered some Arkel GT-54 panniers as an early birthday gift for me.  After a minor ordering snafu, they have now arrived.

Here I’ve also got the Arkel Tailrider trunk bag attached.  I’ve had the Tailrider for over two years, and it’s held up well.  I had found it a pain to strap to the rack, but the GT-54 set has loops specifically designed to strap the tailrider to.

The bags are huge and the bike is ready for touring.

6 thoughts on “The Arkel Panniers Are Here!”

  1. Holy cow. Those bags would probably even look big on my Bomba!!!!
    Sweet. I’m curious how the bike will handle with the entire load on the rear. Do you intend to run a bag on the front rack as well? Like a Rando bag or bar bag or something?

  2. Patsy? You’re calling yourself Pasty now? Funny.

    For this weekend’s mini-tour, I’ll be riding it as pictured. I plan on getting some front panniers at some point. I’d like ones big enough for my laptop, so I could use them for commuting without lugging around the GT-54s – They are HUGE.

    My old commuting panniers have fallen apart.

    I’d like a handlebar bag, but I have space issues on the handlebars. Once I go with a hub dynamo light, I can mount it to the front of the front rack, and free up some handlebar space. We’ll see.

  3. Tim started the Patsy thing.

    Actually, my brother and sister have called me that for 25 years and all my kids and neices and nephews call me that too.

    Whatever. I’ll answer to just about anything.

    Your bike looks great.


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