Pannier Problems

You thought I wasn’t going to post?  So did I.

I was over-commited on time, and it stressed me out.  I dropped out of the triathlon, and any other competitive riding.  I’ll write in this blog when I feel like it, rather it being a chore.

I’ve worried that this blog is seriously off-topic.  I almost never write about anything other than bicycles now, but it’s my blog, and cycling is a huge part of my life now.

Anyway.  I own to sets of panniers.  A small cheap set, and a larger cheap set.  Neither has a great attachment mechanism.

The small set had a major zipper malfunction a couple of months ago.  It’s still usable, but I can’t close it all the way.  That set works best on the front rack of my LHT.  I can’t fit my laptop in those panniers, so it’s not the ideal commuting pannier.  Due to the hooking mechanism, I have to use bungie cords to prevent the panniers from falling off.  They have fallen off before.

The larger set has been pretty good to me, until a few days ago.  One of the hooks and other associated hardware fell off and was lost.  I thought I had spare parts, but I can’t seem to find them.

This has made commuting more challenging.  I’m still doing it, but I’d hate to drop the laptop in the road.  I also have a mini-tour coming up later this month.  Having a good set of panniers would really be nice.

My lovely wife bought me an early birthday present.  She ordered a set of the Arkel GT-54 panniers for me.  She really is a wonderful woman.  I’m getting the red ones.  Possibly this week, maybe next week.  I already have a red Arkel Tailrider trunk bag.

Sometime in the future I’ll buy the T-28 front panniers, also in red, to finish the “bike luggage” collection.

5 thoughts on “Pannier Problems”

  1. Dave, those are fantastic bags. They’ll last forever! Great work!! I just happened to come upon a new set of bags myself just yesterday.

    That red screams bloody murder too. A real plus in the visibility department. And Asher is right about the Tent bag. Sweet.

  2. My wife is indeed awesome.

    I had been thinking about the Ortlieb panniers for a while, but I like the organization of these. I’m also familiar with Arkel, as I have the Tailrider trunk bag. It’s held up quite well.

  3. Very nice bags.

    I’ve got on older model Arkel Utility Basket, that I’ve been using for over 6 years now. It’s been awesome. Other than a cracked keeper clip on the shoulder strap, there have been no problems at all with it. Trips to Lowes, the grocery and school have all been a breeze with it. I’ve hauled enough weight in it that the rack deflected to one side and rubbed the tire on every pedal stroke.

    You can see what mine looks like here

    I’ve been toying with getting a set of front panniers and I’m torn between the T-28’s and the Carradice. The Arkels are undoubtedly awesome, but most of my other bags are canvas: Carradice, Acorn and Minnehaha…

    Then I have to decide on a front rack…

    Choices. I like having them, but hate making them.

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