Sharing The Road

Grainy picture of the rear of my truck
Grainy picture of the rear of my truck

I’ll never get to be car-free.  My wife requires a car.  I still owe on my truck.  I’m okay with the situation, although getting down to one vehicle would be nice.

I rarely drive, but I’ve been driving with Indiana plates on my truck for months after moving to Kentucky.  Part of it was laziness.  Part of it was waiting to get the lienholder to send the title.

Today, I drove to work so I could take my truck in for the inspection, then to get a Kentucky license plate.  I spent the extra money to get a Share the Road Plate.

The extra money for the plate goes to the Paula Nye Memorial Education Grant program, which provides money for a number of bicycle education and safety causes.

The biggest benefit to me is that when I’m driving, most cyclists will I’m keeping an eye out for them.

2 thoughts on “Sharing The Road”

  1. On the other hand, one of the worst drive-by motorists I’ve encountered in the last three months had that type of plate. I figure it was a runner, but who knows?

    We both know about the Jekyll/Hyde thing–just ask Walt Disney about “Motor Mania.”

  2. My driving has gotten much more sane since I started riding a bike. Then again, it’s easier to be patient when you only drive once a week or so.

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