Tim hosted the RCCS Coffee Ride yesterday.  We were joined by Asher, Ward, and Patrick.  It rained lightly for most of the ride, and temperatures were cooler than forecast, but it was a good time.

I was on my recumbent, and this was a hilly ride, at least hilly by in-town standards.  I haven’t been riding the ‘bent much, so I ended up trailing behind everyone else up most of the hills.  I did get to bomb down and pass everyone on a few the downhills though.

This hill-bombing nearly caused to crash twice.  I took corners too fast, and almost laid the bike down while braking hard on wet roads.  Doing it once, okay whatever, the second time means I’m just stupid.

Today’s weather was warmer.  I headed to work this morning if 50 degree temperatures with cloudy skies and gusty winds.  I rode my LHT, still muddy from Saturday.  I wore my normal work clothes and relied on a good workout and short commute to keep me warm enough.

On the way home it was above 60 degrees, windier, and raining.  I was cold and wet when I arrived home.

Something has changed for my rainy rides now.  I went to the eye doctor on Friday and I’m now wearing contact lenses.  I bought some sunglasses for cycling on dry days, but now I no longer need to worry about the fogging lenses and water droplets affecting my ability to see in poor weather.

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