Training, Racing, and Other Silliness

I still haven’t decided whether to continue training for the triathlon.  Every time I run or swim, I’m sore for days.

If I don’t compete in the triathlon, I can’t see making my goal of racing the Tour Divide in 2015.  Should I give up on both, or dig in deeper and train?

My training partner and I are doing a mini-tour to Indianapolis and back over five days.  It’s a leisurely pace with a full day in Indianapolis.  It’ll be in late March, and I’ll have a lot of pictures.  We won’t be camping, but staying in hotels.

One thought on “Training, Racing, and Other Silliness”

  1. Dig in deeper and train…for the Tour Divide. Spend all your time riding. And when you tour to Indy, camp to provide even more training for the Tour Divide.

    Seriously, the above is not my recommendation because riding for fun is more fun than training.

    I hope you have a fantastic tour, and I can’t wait for the photos.

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