Moving By Bike

Andy Dyson of Bicycling for Louisville and his Moira recently purchased a new house, and asked the bike community to help.  Considering what Bicycling for Louisville is doing for the local cycling community, there were plenty of people to came to help.  The number varied a bit depending on time of day, and who you asked, but it was probably somewhere between 20 and 30.

Andy and Moira are great people.  I had a lot of fun helping out.  Good food and refreshments were provided.  So thanks to Andy and Moira for lining up a good time, even if it was to help them move.

My LHT towing one of Andy’s trailers.

A homemade trailer

David Morse is preparing to haul a model train

There were a lot of trailers

Furniture too

Empty trailers waiting to head back for the next load

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