Change of Plans

I’m registered for today’s Reindeer Romp.  As far as I know, the race is still on, but I’m not going.

It’s 20 degrees and there’s snow everywhere.  I ride my bike in this stuff all the time, but dressing for a run is a bit different than for dressing on the bike.  I also don’t have a good way to carry extra layers while running, I do on a bike.

If it had been 10 degrees warmer I would be there.  Instead I’m going to enjoy some warm coffee and a book.

3 thoughts on “Change of Plans”

  1. Interesting take. I figured dressing for a run to be roughly similar to dressing for a ride in a given temperature. You would be generating plenty of heat, so the light thin layers strategy would work.

    The big thing for me would be traction. I’m not a runner, but I would most definitely have Yaktrax on if I was going to run today. I almost put them on just to walk the dog this morning.

    I had intended to ride to work today, but the ice kept me from doing so. I don’t have any ice tires–yet–and none of the currently-available tires will fit my bikes. I can get a studded tire for the front of my Vanguard, but the correct size in the rear tire is out of stock for the season. I don’t have room for 2″ wide tires inside that fender.

  2. I’m thinking that I would actually be hotter on the run. Slower speed means less wind, plus I’d be working harder just because I’m not good at running. I probably would have started out cold, overdressed, and had nowhere to stash unneeded clothing.

    Traction could have been an issue. for me in two ways. I don’t have Yaktrax, and I had taken the studded tires off the bike, so riding there would have been sketchy.

    I’m probably going to have to re-mount the studded tires.

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