The Long View

I want to look at my weight for the last few years.


Most of this is fairy-land made up stuff.  I didn’t own a scale until late October, but I wanted to fill in a full year’s worth of weight, so I guessed.  You can see the weight start dropping at a pretty good clip near the end of the year.  That part is real.


Through 2008 the weight loss continued nicely. I did bitch and moan at the time about the plateaus that I hit, but it was temporary, and the weight loss continued.


The first couple of months of the year started out well, but then I struggled to lose weight and actually gained weight in the last half of the year.


For the first quarter of the year I lost the weight I gained in the last part of the previous year.  Then I gained it back and another 15 lbs just for good measure.

What Now?

I try not to get too upset about this.  My weight is still below 220 and considering I started just below 300 I’ve still made progress overall.  I do feel like I’m on the verge of undoing it, but I have a much different lifestyle now.  I am fit and active now, I wasn’t before.  I’m eating too much again, thus the weight gain.

The triathlon training should help.  Does that mean I’ll gain more weight after the triathlon is complete?  Maybe.  Should I worry?  Not too much.  I do need to start eating better.  It’s the 2nd day of the year, and I’ve already went out for pizza twice this year.  I can’t keep doing that.