Another Day, More Overeating

I went to Charlestown Pizza today… again.  After yesterday’s trip, I had to go again.  At least I rode there again.  Maybe 40+ miles of riding burns off the calories I consumed.  I don’t know.

I took a different route today. It was a meandering route here in town, and I also took the Waterline Road route toward Charlestown.  I took a new way back to test routing on the GPS.

GPS routes don’t work quite like I imagined.  I can plan out a route on the computer, but once I uploaded, the GPS seems free to re-route me.  That’s fine, except I usually know  better than the GPS which roads I would rather ride.  Instead of loading a route, I can load it as a track.  It won’t tell me when to turn that way, but it’ll highlight the roads that I need to follow, so that will be the method I use, and it’s what I tested today.

When I have the chance, I’ll plan a trip out into an area I’m unfamiliar with, and really put it to the test.  🙂

I rode the single-speed again.  I really like that bike.

Yesterday I compared the distance on the GPS to the distance on the bike computer.  It was off by 2%.  I adjusted the bike computer by the appropriate amount, and now the GPS and computer matched *really* closely.  That’s probably more accurate than a roll-out test, and definitely more accurate than the average car odometer.

The computer on the LHT already agreed with the GPS, so I don’t need to mess with that.

I had intended to take pictures on yesterday’s ride, but never bothered.  Well, today, I took a few pictures on the trip to Charlestown.  It was cold, clear, and a little windy.  On the way home it was simply cold and dark.  The pictures are below.

In Jeffersonville along the river.

Neat building along Market Street in Jeffersonville (Howard Steamboat Museum?)

Along Waterline Road

5 thoughts on “Another Day, More Overeating”

  1. You might have consumed a few extra calories, but you are already way ahead of my mileage totals for the year. That single speed looks like a great bike, and I’m sure it was good to you.

  2. Lovely photos!

    Maybe you can turn the auto-routing off to force it to follow your route? Also, what are you using to create the routes? I have found that that is a weak point of RideWithGPS. If I go into Garmin MapSource and draw the routes, I have more control, and it works better.

  3. Michael,

    If I turn auto-routing off, it’ll plot direct lines from one point to another. A route is limited to 50 points.

    Tracks can have many more points, but it won’t route, I just have to look down and see where I am on the map. It works okay that way.

    I’ve used both RideWithGPS and Garmin Basecamp (replacement for MapSource?). Neither is perfect, but I prefer RideWithGPS.

  4. Yeah, I don’t have autorouting and I end up with direct point-to-point lines. It works, though it is a little cumbersome. It does look like Basecamp is a Mapsource replacement. I will have to look into it!

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