Last Day of the Year – Could Be Better

I was supposed to go on a ride with Tim this morning.  The weather is beautiful.  I overslept, ditched the ride, and now I’m sitting at my computer.

I could still go for a ride, but everything I think of has me riding to go spend money on food I don’t need.  So, I’m going to stay home and eat responsibly.

I’m not drinking tonight.  I don’t feel a strong urge to celebrate the new year.  I’ll probably be asleep at midnight.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be better.  The weather may not be as nice, but a nice long ride to clear the head, and fewer drunks on the road may make for a nice day.

2 thoughts on “Last Day of the Year – Could Be Better”

  1. It’s already midnight somewhere!

    Come out to the LBC Polar Bear Ride at 11:00! Route and distance will be a function of the weather, and there will be a pot-luck chili dinner afterward!

  2. I would also point out that it could be much worse. Part of how I combat depression is to remember that first sentence. It’s VERY easy to find ways in which your current situation could be worse, so focus on how it’s better than it could be.

    Enjoy the rides!

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