Achieving This Goal…

… was almost a let-down.

On my way home from work, I hit 5000 bicycle miles for the year.  I’m glad I did, but it does seems a little bit of a let-down.  There isn’t enough time left in the year to add serious miles, just commuting and a little riding around town.

I know my mileage for 2011 will be down some.  I live a lot closer to work now.  I’ll be spending a lot of time training for the triathlon, most of that time won’t involve the bike.

I still have other goals to work for.  I want to complete the triathlon in 2011.  I intend to reach my goal weight in 2011 (about time, I started all this in 2007).

One thought on “Achieving This Goal…”

  1. I *think* I’ll hit 5,000 for the year. It’s going to be really close. Don’t let it be a let-down, that’s a huge accomplishment, and for me it’s going to take a push to get there. Great job!

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