Will Ride For Pizza

Winter Blah!
Winter Blah!
(and beer!)

Nobody showed for up this morning’s RCCS ride.  I had a feeling that might happen, so I brought some reading material with me.  I sat at Sunergos enjoying good coffee and a book.  I eventually wandered home, and read a while longer.

Not riding was starting to get to me.  I really wanted pizza, but riding three miles over to Za’s and overeating isn’t going to do my weight-loss effort any good, so I decided to ride to Charlestown Pizza Company.  I still overate, and had an excellent beer.  I then rode over to the old house and took care of a few things before riding home.

I got 41.6 miles in for the day, enjoyed what I ate, and I feel good.

One thought on “Will Ride For Pizza”

  1. I love scenes like your “winter blah” shot. For some reason, I love the drab colors, muted whites, etc. In fact I prefer it to bright sunshine.

    I love the idea of riding to a pizza place far away (what, 20 miles away?) to offset the pizza eating. Brilliant!

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