Stepping It Up

I’m going to participate in a triathlon in 2011.  I’m starting training in the next couple of weeks.

The joke has been made that triathletes are not cyclists.  I’ll be a cyclist who isn’t really a triathlete.

That’s why I started a Y membership yesterday.  My swimming needs a lot of work.  I need to learn to run without hurting myself.  I need to get faster on a bike.

This came about because I got an email from Debbie, a former co-worker, from my pre-weight loss days.  She had found out about my blog.  She wants to participate in a triathlon, and has asked me to join her.

My gut reaction was to decline, but that is the “fat-person mentality” that I mentioned yesterday.  After rolling the idea around in my head for a while I decided to go for it.  It could very well be what I need to make it to the next level of fitness.

I don’t expect to do well, I just expect to finish.  That’s my goal.  Hopefully I’ll attain my goal weight along the way.

I have a friend willing to loan me a bike that is a bit better for a race than my current bikes.  If that doesn’t work out, I’ll strip my LHT down, and use that.

I still have a lot to learn, but I’m commited.  I signed up for the Y membership and agreed to do this.  The next step is to buy some shoes I can run in.  I’ll probably go to the Y for some swimming and running very soon.  The real training starts in early January.

4 thoughts on “Stepping It Up”

  1. Very cool! It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me, really, but I fully support this new effort of yours. I’ll also offer my Bianchi for your use for the event, if we can work out logistics.

  2. Careful about hanging out with triathletes, David. They are some of the most obsessive people I know–especially those training for Ironman distance.

    Indeed, the Oldham County Multi-Sport group will tell you that OCMS stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Multi-Sport.

    Be prepared to perseverate over training regimen minutia and such, especially as the date of your race nears.

    Jef Mallett, known far and wide for the Frazz comic strip, wrote Trizophrenia, and it may be worth a read. Or it may not. >;-) and I’m sure Carmichael’s will get it for you.

  3. Apertome,
    Thanks for the support. I’m not going to borrow your Bianchi, you ride it a lot.

    I’m not doing the Ironman, I’m doing an Olympic distance event, so maybe I can actually pull it off. I’m going to be obsessive about it, for 2011, then we’ll see. I may never want anything to do with a Triathlon again.

    I checked out the link to the Trizophrenia book, just the cover is hilarious. 🙂

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