Studded Tires

After last nights icing of the roads, I really like my studded tires.  Yes, I did ride my bike to work.

The people in this video could have used studded tires.

5 thoughts on “Studded Tires”

  1. We didn’t get an icing, just snow sleet. The roads were merely snowy/slushy for me this morning. I was still glad to have the studded tires.

  2. I was thinking that a LOT of folks needed studded tires to get out of their subdivisions this morning.

    Jenn’s dog was looking longingly at the Yaktrax, since he was having so much trouble walking on the street. He WAS smart enough to figure out that he could walk on the ice-covered snow better than he could on the driveways and sidewalks.

  3. Tom,

    I wish I had studded shoes! Walking down the back steps and out to the alley was by far the most hazardous part of my commute.

    My dogs were spasticly happy when I let them out, they both ran, slipped, and fell on the ground. It was amusing. I think Jenn’s dog is smarter than my dogs.

  4. Some of those falls looked like they really hurt. Its actually a good video to study how some falls happen, as its sort of in slow-motion.

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