Slush In The City

I rolled out of bed at the last possible moment and still make it to work on time.  It was cold nasty weather.  Many schools and businesses were closed.  I considered driving until I looked out the window and saw my truck sitting there covered in snow and ice.

I loaded the bike, and headed out.  The roads along my commute were a little slushy, but not too bad.  There was a little ice, but not enough to be an issue for my studded tires.  The commute really was a non-event.

After I got home, I needed to exchange some defective boots that I bought on Saturday.  The shoe store is about five miles away, but down on Preston Highway.  It’s not  stretch of road I’d ridden before and I have the impression it’s not very bike-friendly.  When I headed out it was dark, cold, and windy.

I took the lane riding down Preston Highway.  I had no issues with rude drivers.  Maybe they like my Christmas lights.

I exchanged the boots, got a few weird looks from the cashier, and pedaled home, again with no issues.

17.4 miles for the day.  I’ll take it.  🙂

Tomorrow is supposed to be bitter cold.  My morning commute will be somewhere around 7 degrees.  I’m digging out the extra layers.

Sunday’s Ride

Tim wrote about yesterday’s ride.  Michael’s write-up is here.

4 thoughts on “Slush In The City”

  1. great in every way. 17m impressive, and this morning’s ride will be more. wishing I had purchased some studded tires. the black and chunky ice scares me.

  2. By studded tires, do you mean tires with metal studs, or mountain bike-styled tires?

    I live around Preston highway and Indian Trail. It’s not entirely bike friendly, but I don’t let it stop me.

  3. Carley,

    Studded tires, small metal (carbide-tipped steel) studs that stick a very short distance out of the tire. Gives traction even on smooth ice.

    I’m using the Schwalbe Marathon Winter tires, but there are other brands.

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