How Did You Spend Your Sunday?

I rode my bike in the snow.

Michael planned a 42-mile route in Hoosier National Forest near Norman.  Tim, Dave, and I joined him for the fun.  The weather was in the low to mid-20s with blowing snow.  Perfect!  🙂

The other three riders were on mountain bikes with knobby tires.  I was on my LHT with studded tires.  It worked out well.

Michael did have a mishap on ice, but it doesn’t appear to have done any permanent damage.

The restaurant we had planned to have a late lunch/early dinner at was closed when we finished the ride.  I assume due to weather conditions.

Something I haven’t run into before today, but I definitely made the decision: I yield to snow plows!  When I spotted the plow coming up behind me, I pulled off of the road and jumped over the guard rail to give him plenty of room.

6 thoughts on “How Did You Spend Your Sunday?”

  1. By the way, your photos made me realize that 3/4 of us were wearing blue jackets. As such, we are nearly indistinguishable in some of the photos.

  2. Pondero:
    I think I would prefer your climate. Since I live here, I’ll do my best to enjoy it. 🙂

    It was a great day. I was the odd one out of the bunch: no blue jacket, reflective vest, lights, non-mountain bike, studded tires. No matter what equipment we had, it was fun.

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