Social Life?

Before bicycling I didn’t have a social life at all.  I did have a marriage and a family, so it worked out.

My previous marriage ended before the bicycling started, and I met a bunch of great people while bicycling.  I’ve often made the comment that bicycling is my social life.

It’s still true, In fact Tim, Michael, and another David (who I haven’t met yet), are getting together for a ride tomorrow.  The weather should make it interesting.

Nearly all of my recent riding has been commuting or running errands.  My wife has been out of town for work a lot recently.  I feel like I have no social life.  I don’t make friends easily.  I keep to myself most of the time.  I did go out for beer and pizza tonight, but it felt a little pathetic sitting there by myself watching others.

I left the house this evening (in the rain on the bike) to try to improve my mood.  I ended up at Za’s Pizza, which has great pizza and good beer, but I don’t know anyone there.  It was really kind of sad.

I shouldn’t be eating out anyway, but I couldn’t sit in the house any longer.  Blah.

One thought on “Social Life?”

  1. I’m not skilled in the social arts. In fact, I kind of like my alone time. Still, interaction with other people is a welcome part of a balanced life. Fortunately for me, I’m a part of a small church that welcomes me, unlike some of my business relationships, for all the right reasons.

    You guys have a great ride, and take care in that interesting weather.

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