“Commuterizing” the Single-Speed

Commuting Single-Speed
Commuting Single-Speed
I originally bought the single-speed to be a light and simple bike.  My other bikes are heavy and utilitarian.  I didn’t think I’d be commuting on the single-speed.

Once I had the bike, I found that I did commute on it, with a backpack.  I dislike backpacks, so I’ve now added a rear rack to the bike.  I bought a Mountain FeedBag from Tim.  He had an extra due to a snafu with the seller.  I mounted it to the bars.

I had some smaller panniers that I put on the bike.  I wanted to find some red ones that would fit, to keep with the theme of the bike, but I don’t want to spend the money now.  The laptop barely fits, but it does indeed fit.

I pulled an extra headlight off of the folding bike which I never seem to ride anymore.  I put the light on the single-speed, so that I have two headlights.  I don’t know if I leave it like that.  We’ll see.

I don’t have fenders on this bike, so it will likely remain a fair-weather commuter.  There is the possibility I’ll add fenders at some point, but it wouldn’t make a good “snow bike” as the studded tires I already own wouldn’t fit well.  My LHT will serve as “snow bike”.

Dual Headlights - Goofy?
Dual Headlights - Goofy?

4 thoughts on ““Commuterizing” the Single-Speed”

  1. It looks good — far more useful for commuting now. I am really getting the single speed itch. Though if I were to get one, winter would be one of its explicit duties.

    The dual lights may look a little funny, but more light is better, I say! I use two headlights sometimes. Usually one that blinks and one solid one.

  2. I like having multiple lights, if for no other reason than in case one fails. Though I tend to run one as a main light (mid-fork and aimed for optimum road illumination) and the other as a see me flasher (up higher and aimed for drivers to see)

    …of course i also run a helmet light…

  3. I think two headlights are great. I use two sometimes, with one on each side of the stem. That way, I feel like people think I’m a motorcycle or something as compared to a light on someone’s mailbox. It also helps out with visibility because you can point one a little lower for potholes, and another a little higher for visibility and seeing things farther away.

    I don’t even think it looks silly.

  4. The two lights I have on this bike are more “be seen” lights. I have brighter lights on other bikes, but now that my commute is in the city, I don’t need quite as much light.

    When it’s light out I run both lights on flash. They make an eye-catching pair. 🙂 When it’s dark I’ll put at least one of them on steady. I’m also running two tail lights.

    I both headlights on one side of the stem. The other side has a small bag in the way.

    I commuted for the first time with the new rear rack and smaller panniers. Other than having to squeeze the laptop in, it worked well.

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