Back To The Food Diary and Better Eating

I lost weight from late 2007 to early 2009.  It’s now late 2010 and I haven’t lost weight.

The things that were successful during that time?

  • Tracking everything I ate and adding calories
  • Exercise
  • Ate most of my carbs early in the day
  • Limited snacking
  • Very little consumption of beer
  • Weighing myself daily

From early 2009 to now this has turned into:

  • Not keeping track of anything I eat
  • A lot of exercise, but nearly all of it cycling
  • Food binging
  • Higher consumption of beer
  • Weighing myself sporadically

I will be accountable again.  I will track what I eat (although I’m going to forgo the calorie counting).  I will weigh everyday.  I will post what I eat here (sometimes).

As I said in my last post, there are several changes I’m making.  They started this morning.

I was actually off to a bad start.  I didn’t want to cook, and due to laziness I still needed to wash dishes.  I hadn’t been to the grocery store so I had nothing quick, easy, and healthy around the house.  So, I just didn’t eat.

Around 3:00pm, I was too hungry, and went looking through cupboards again.  I spotted the oatmeal.  I had given up on oatmeal a while back when I started following the paleo-diet.  Now that I’m back to my original weight-loss plan, paleo is out the window.

I put 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1 cup water, and a dash of salt in a large cup, and microwaved it for 2 minutes.  I stirred it, added a small pat of butter and some cinnamon.  I did not add sugar.  It was a late lunch after skipping breakfast, but it’ll do.

The dishes are nearly done.  I’ll cook a proper dinner tonight.  I’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow (after the RCCS ride).

I have some other changes I need to make.  I need to start doing some more exercises to strengthen my core and upper body.  I need to drink more water. I need to limit my coffee consumption to one pot per day.

3 thoughts on “Back To The Food Diary and Better Eating”

  1. I had a really good weigh in the week before Thanksgiving and I’m not looking forward to stepping back on a scale right now myself. Keeping yourself accountable is the hardest part, and even if you fall off for a few weeks or even a month or 2, as long as you reel yourself back in you’re ok. I let go after I lost 100 pounds back in 2004 and surrendered nearly all my progress. Never Again.

  2. Dave – You can do this. I know how tedious logging can be, but it pays off. I started my fitness/weight loss 3 years ago. My inspiration was the seeing you interviewed on TV. What has worked for me is online logging. I use which is pay site for logging diet and exercise. There are many others that are free. The reports make it really easy to see how many calories you have left during the day to stay on track.

  3. Chris,

    I’m glad you were motivated. Congrats.

    My life has changed quite a bit for the better, but I’ve been struggling with controlling my eating yet again. This is not something I’ll ever “beat”. I’ll just have to be aware of my eating.

    After some more bad days, I did better yesterday and hope to continue for a while longer before splurging on pizza and beer. 🙂

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