Let It Go, Man

I took my own advice on yesterday’s ride with Tim.  A passenger in a maroon Subaru (with those hard-to-read temporary plates) passed us on Eastern Parkway yelling something with the word “sidewalk” in it.  We ignored him.

To be clear, Eastern Parkway is a four-lane divided road.  Tim and I were taking the right lane, leaving the left lane free to those that needed to pass.

We passed the same car as he was held up in traffic.  He passed us again shortly throwing something at me.  I think it was magazines, or junk mail.  It was heavier than loose paper, but lighter than a book.  It fluttered toward me until bouncing harmlessly off of my back wheel.

Tim and I both attempted to read the license place, but were unable to.

My advice to others has always been “just let it go”, “don’t worry about it”, or “don’t escalate it”.  I managed to completely ignore it, and not even get the adrenalin response that normally comes with such conflicts.  Being able to control myself made for a much more pleasant ride.

This is only the second time since I started riding in 2008 that I’ve had things thrown at me.  It is the first time it’s happened in Kentucky.

4 thoughts on “Let It Go, Man”

  1. Must have been the same jack@$$ that laid on his horn yesterday as Carrick and I rode part of Preston Hwy (toward Walgreens). We took the right lane since it left another entire lane for cars to go around.

    Funny how the TARC bus had no problem passing us in the left lane, but the honking troll apparently didn’t feel the same. Oh well. Karma will catch up to those types eventually.

    Be safe out there.

  2. It’s tough to maintain composure in a situation like that. I’m glad you were able to do just that, and enjoyed the rest of your ride. It’s easy to let something like that ruin the whole ride for you.

  3. Someone in a white van threw a croquet mallet at me around a year ago. If I would have caught up to the van I would have done more than read the license plate.

    Since I ride a little farther south than you do, I get honked at and sometimes yelled at quite a bit. Up until around 6 months ago I always responded by giving them the middle finger or yelling back. Now that I’ve decided to pretend I didn’t hear them, riding is a lot less stressful.

    I haven’t been honked or yelled at in a few months though, so maybe Louisville is becoming more respectful to its cyclists.

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