I’m Not Fast Anyway!

I guess I can’t have a “fast” bike. My single-speed was supposed to be simple and light. No fenders, no rack, just a small seat bag and minimal lights. Even though it’s a single-speed I’m faster on that bike than my others.

Every time I ride it I’m annoyed at the lack of carrying capacity. I love the bike. It’s comfortable, the single-speed drivetrain is simple and perfect. I’ve rode it to work a few times, but I have to carry, at a minimum, my laptop, so I use a backpack. I hate backpacks.

I made the decision yesterday to add a rear rack to the bike. It’s ordered, and I should be commuting on the bike regularly by the week after Thanksgiving.

I’m not putting fenders on the bike at this time. I’m not ruling that out for the future. Road spray in the face is not fun. I’m going to run the inexpensive basic lights that I already have on the bike.

Lighting brings up another issue. A potentially expensive issue. I want to start switching my bikes over to dynamo lighting. I’m tired of charging batteries. My Dinotte lights are over two years old now, and the battery capacity has diminished some.

My LHT should get a dynohub, as should my ‘bent. The question is what to do about the single-speed. Should I put a dynobub on it? Should I keep using cheap battery lights? Should I move the Dinotte set onto it?

This lighting project will be expensive. It’ll take time. I’d like to get either the LHT or the ‘bent done before spring though.

The end result of this all will that I won’t have a simple, lightweight, “fast” bike. I beginning to think I’m okay with that.

5 thoughts on “I’m Not Fast Anyway!”

  1. My 2cents? Dyno for the LHT and use the Dinottes on the SS as needed. I totally get racking the SS up b/c we’re both accustomed to luggage/storage. I think that the lighter you can keep the SS, the more pleased you’ll be in the long run b/c it won’t feel such a “beast of burden” as your, and my, LHT.

    And some day I think you would like to have a fast bike, just not right now.

  2. It makes sense that if you want to commute on it, you need racks and such. My Bianchi is my “fast” bike, but I never commute on it. I still sometimes wish for more carrying capacity, but I think if I can just get my large saddlebag to mount properly, I’ll be in good shape, for that bike.

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