I Need a Cargo Bike

Heavy Load
Heavy Load

Back in April I posted “I Have a Cargo Bike” because Tim had been goading me into buying one.  I felt I could load whatever I needed on the bikes that I have.

Earlier this month I brought home a 15lb bag of dog food on my ‘bent.  I could barely tell it was there.  I assumed a 30lb bag on the LHT would be fine.

Today after work I went to Feeders Supply and bought the 30lb bag of dog food, and a 20lb bag of cat litter.  I put the food on the rear rack along with my other commuting gear.  I put the litter on the front rack.  I made it about 2 blocks.  The bike shimmied and wobbled so bad I didn’t think it was prudent to continue.

I moved the cat litter to the rear rack.  So the rear rack was holding 70lbs of pet supplies, plus another 15lbs of other random crap.  I don’t know what the capacity of the rack is, but nothing broke.

The bike still shimmied, but it was controllable.  I took it slow and easy and made it home.  The picture to the right was taken outdoors, because I couldn’t get the bike up the stairs fully loaded like that.

So, I’ve been wanting a Surly Big Dummy, but can’t afford another bike right now.  At least now I can justify it: a $2000 dog-food hauler.  🙂

6 thoughts on “I Need a Cargo Bike”

  1. Keep your eyes on Craig’s List. That’s where I found one of my kid trailers that I use for groceries and dog food. $50 for a kid trailer that will haul stuff is LOTS cheaper than a Big Dummy.

  2. The “$2000 dog food hauler” comment cracked me up. I like Tom’s idea, although I think I do understand the appeal of the Big Dummy. Hey, do you have a frame that could accommodate an Xtracycle? That might be a more affordable way to go.

  3. We can still talk about the old Burley trailer. And, yes, Xtracycles seem logical if you have something appropriate, which amazingly for me I don’t.

  4. Fisher is releasing an Xtra Cycle type bike called the transport. It is supposed to retail for around $1200. Maybe you can justify for $800 less than $2000.

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