Lacing The Brooks

The Brooks B-17 that has been on a few bikes now, but is currently on my single-speed has been sagging.  It got wet too many times.  Tightening the saddle a little (with the special Brooks wrench) helped, but it still wasn’t right.

I’d read about lacing the saddle, which basically involved punching (or drilling) holes in the sides of the saddle, and tightening it up with leather lacing.

A few weeks ago I was walking to lunch from work, and happened to walk past a shoe repair shop, and I noticed leather lacing hanging on the wall.  So I went in and bought a piece.  Today, I finally got busy with the project.

I decided to drill the holes.  Using a punch can produce nicer looking holes, but I don’t have a punch, and I’m not terribly worried about how it looks.  I drilled four holes on each side.  Some use two holes, some say six.  I was really just guessing.

It only took a few minutes to finish the job.  I used some of the left-over lacing to replace the bungie cord that keeps my saddlebag from flopping around too much.

I haven’t ridden the bike since doing this, but hopefully it makes the saddle more comfortable.

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