Big South Fork

This past weekend was the RCCS Big South Fork overnight trip.  Tim spent considerable time planning the routes and the camping.

We drove to Great Meadows Campground Saturday morning.  This is located here.

There were three of us: Tim, Michael, and myself.  There was 115 miles of riding spread over two days.  This certainly wasn’t the longest ride I’ve done, but it was the hardest.

The ride was mostly gravel and extremely hilly.  It was one of those rides that you aren’t sure if you can finish, but gives you a huge sense of accomplishment when you do.

We did the rides as planned.  We didn’t shorten a route or catch a ride.  We rode across streams, over very rough terrain, and had a ball.

I’m still coming down off of the “high” from this adventure.  My legs are finally starting to feel normal.  I’m not going to give a full write-up, as I’m sure Tim or Michael will, and they are better at it.

Next time I’ll remember to bring the sausage.  Michael will remember his tent stakes.

These first two pictures were stolen from Tim.  They are both of me at the creek (river?) crossing.

This is a traveled road.  We are currently having drought conditions.  I’d hate to see cars try to cross this after a heavy rain.

I really enjoyed the footbridge.

Resting LHTs

Sunday was a beautiful day also.

The fall colors were quite nice.

Not much of a welcome to Tennessee.

Tired, but happy.

Three Surlys, checking out the view.

7 thoughts on “Big South Fork”

  1. You got some great shots! Nice writeup, even though you didn’t go into too much detail, you covered the main points.

    I am still reeling from this adventure, too. Man it feels good. I’m still a little sore, especially where I scraped my leg, but overall I feel a great sense of accomplishment. And it makes me want to do more trips like this …

  2. If I can get my @#$%@( health together I DEFINITELY want to return. Next time, though, I intend on climbing with significantly less to carry (meaning my own person). The climbs will still be difficult, but I have to believe easier.

    Amazing stuff in every way. And the more think about it, the more I go for Sunday. The Saturday course was prettier, but the Sunday course more remote and more epic. It was survival for the last half.

  3. I think both of you managed to get better photos than I did.

    I was quite sore on Monday. I had a massage on Tuesday, and I feel great today. 🙂

    I don’t see myself going back to BSF this year, but we’ll see what next year brings. I *might* get one more camping trip this year, if I can do it before it gets any colder. If I do, it’ll be closer to home.

    Thanks to both of you for providing this adventure. This is not something I’ll forget.

  4. Dave, after I get over my crap I want to do a S24O sometime in November. A quickie to Clifty Falls or to Jeff Forest. I know the JeffForest spots are $15, so if we could recruit a few more we could get the cost down. Those spots do not have as much room as Great Meadows but are only an hour and change from my house. Just a thought.

    And, no, I’m certainly not going to see BSF again in ’10.

  5. I certainly don’t expect to revisit BSF this year, when I said “more trips like this,” I didn’t necessarily mean there. I wonder what else is within a reasonable distance!

  6. Glad you folks made it down this way. Sounds like you were impressed. I have been so out of the cycling loop that I am only just now finding out about it. Next time, hopefully, I will be paying attention and can join you.

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