New Time-Waster

Amazon Kindle

I already have a huge lack of free time, but I’ve purchased something to further eat into my time.  I bought an Amazon Kindle.

I love to read.  I hate taking the time to buy (or check out) a book, and I hate the clutter in my home.

Back in February, my daughter got a Nook.  I’m not sure how much she uses it, but I was intrigued.  I didn’t like the small touchscreen.  The Kindle has a keyboard.  I like buttons.

Although I will save time on buying books, the ease of buying them, will now cause me to read that much more.  I’m definitely going to have to control my eating.  Reading doesn’t really burn many calories.

One thought on “New Time-Waster”

  1. Cool gadget. I’m not really a reader, but I can see the appeal of something like this. I’m with you about buttons — I hate touchscreens!

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