My LHT has been in the shop for some maintenance.  It was ready to pick up after work today.  How do I do that without driving?  I walked to the bike shop from work.  That means I left a bike at work for now.

The difference in what you see in cycling versus driving is huge.  There is a similar change when slowing down even more and being a pedestrian.

Walking means that one-way streets can be ignored.  Traffic is only an issue at intersections.  Stopping to take pictures won’t get you hit.  The graffiti on the right was interesting.  The “artist” must be a fan of this.

I’m not ready to start walking to work.  It would take an hour each way.  Part of the reason for the move into town was to make bicycling everywhere feasible.  I’d have to move to a smaller town, or have a lot more free time to walk everywhere.

Ben Sollee will be performing at the Kentucky Center tomorrow night.  He’s a cyclist and transportation advocate in addition to a musician.  There will be a ride right after the show (8:45?, 9:00?) around downtown.  I’ll be there.

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