Single Speed

It’s been hinted about.  It’s been planned.  Now it’s here.

Yesterday, I went and picked up my latest bicycle.  It’s a 1980s-era Raleigh frame and a mix of old and new parts.  It is my first single-speed bike, and my first minimalist bike.  I don’t intend to add a rack or fenders.

Vic’s Classic Bikes built this one for me.  I need to ride it for a while to see if the current gear ratio is where it needs to be.  I hope to ride the Harvest Homecoming ride on this bike, even if it means walking up the hills.

This bike is not set up as a fixed-gear.  It does have a flip-flop hub, but I’m not planning on riding fixed.

5 thoughts on “Single Speed”

  1. Nice indeed, sadly Raleigh are no longer dominant here in the UK as they used to be,I think everyone had a Raleigh when we grew up, much more choice on the US Raleigh website than in the UK. enjoy it

  2. Thanks all!
    I put about 75 miles on it over the weekend, and rode it to work today (with a backpack). I’m really liking it.

    I *almost* want to put some red anodized fenders on it, and a rack, and make it my commuter. Then I remind myself to keep it simple. 🙂

    It initially had a 46×18 drivetrain with 700×32 tires for 69 gear-inches, but Vic swapped out the rear cog for a 19 giving me 65.4 gear-inches.

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