I Need Control of My Eating Again

My eating is still out of control.  That ends today.

I’m going back to smaller portions, lower carbs, and better decisions.  I’ve been eating too much “because I want to” instead of “because I need to”.

I’m giving up beer permanently.  I will finish off the two six packs in the fridge first.  🙂

I had a muffin and a banana with my first coffee this morning.  I had chili and unsweetened tea for lunch.  I had a bagel for a snack (oops).  I cooked two hamburger patties on the grill for dinner, and ate them with onions and tomato.  I did not have bread.

I am drinking a beer as I type this, but, as I said, once these beers are gone, that’s it.  My wife doesn’t think I’m going to follow through with the no-beer thing, but I am.

When the RCCS holds another “brew cruise”, I’ll just drink water.

5 thoughts on “I Need Control of My Eating Again”

  1. Michael, for me it was the ride of the year so far. I’m hoping we can get something in the Fall that can surpass it, but it was awfully fun!

  2. Thanks Debbie. I’m still drinking beer at home. Once what is in my fridge is gone, I’m done.

    My lower-carb diet is affecting my bicycling, but I don’t normally go fast anyway, so I’ll just have to deal with it. 🙂

  3. Did I respond to a comment on a different post? Old age is vexing. And if we do a brew cruise, Ill offer u a refreshing glass of tannish brownish frothy water with a refined delicious taste.

  4. Tim,
    Yes you did. They say the mind is the first to go!

    Unless we have a brew cruise tomorrow, I’ll have to pass on the brownish-frothy stuff. I only have two left at home.

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